Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Gothic Elements in Literature

Here is a list of distinguishing elements commonly found in gothic literature (AKA "you know it's gothic when there is ..."):

  • a setting in a castle, ancestral family home, vault or crypt.
  • a vendetta or vengeance perpetrated against the protagonist and/or his/her family by the antagonist.
  • supernatural beings - monsters, vampires, ghosts, werewolves, and such.
  • a damsel (or 2, or 3!) in distress.
  • unexplainable events.
  • an unrequited love, or illicit love affair or romance.
  • an ancient prophecy foretelling the doom of the protagonist and/or his/her family.
  • an exotic locale, often in a country other than that of the story's origin.
  • an atmosphere of suspense and/or terror.
  • women threatened by tyrannical male/patriarchal figures.

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hermione321 said...

Also impenetrable walls that the character can't escape whether they be physical or mental